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faulkner street door china town manchester andy thelwell

faulkner street door manchester china town

This enormous entrance door linked to a Grade II listed builing is sandwiched between a crazy Chinese gift shop and a restaurant on Faulkner Street in the heart of Manchester’s China town. It was once a cotton traders which is still indicted on the bearly readable plaque outside. I just love the overly tall proportion [...]

working girls home manchester andy thelwell

working girls home

I’d like to say I made a special visit to photograph this great building, but to be honest, it was a beautiful day and I just took stroll down a street I hadn’t walked before and there it was, Charter Street Ragged School and Working Girls Home. Located on the corner of Dantzic Street and [...]

Grungy Manchester Sign around the Chaple Street area.

grungy, retro disused sign

This cool old school distressed sign, is located in the Chapel Street area of Manchester, Nestled in one of the old railway arches.  A stones throw from the amazing Manchester Cathedral, the regenerated Greengate link bridge and multi coloured water feature. I guess this won’t be around for too long so was really please to [...]

Old grungy Building lacated on Dale Street In Manchester

boarded up barkat builidng

This cool disused knitwear building in Manchester, could have been taken in the Wild West, not on Dale Street, which runs parallel to Market Street, the busiest shopping street in Manchester.  Take a slight walking detour off the main streets in the city centre and you can quite often find a little gem like this. [...]

manchester_caution_car park entrance andy thelwell

caution car park

I found this confident retro sign in a back ally above a pretty non-description grey office building nestling just off St. Peter’s Square in Manchester city centre. The sign was bleeding with rust. The thought of what great cars this sign would have seen when it was first installed made me smile. It still had [...]

private land grunge sign andy thelwell

private land grunge sign photo

Private Land. No through road. No parking. Offenders will be prosecuted. By order of British Rail. Very blunt and to the point message on this old British Rail warning sign, situated beneath a railway bridge off Chapel Street in Manchester. The constant stream of overflow rain water and generally damp environment with no direct sunlight [...]

manchester demo poster andy thelwell

demo poster manchester

Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition Demonstration Poster Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition, was set up ten years ago this month (Feb 2003) in objection to the war in Iraq. I found the remnants of this poster which details one of the most attended demonstrations in recent years, under a bridge. A little sheltered [...]