Andy Thelwell

the photographer

I’m Andy Thelwell, based in Manchester and the guy who has taken all the images on this site. Not one image has been taken for commercial reasons, but for pure pleasure. Most have been taken when I’ve had to leave my office at T Creative in the centre of Manchester for a little free head space, leg stretch or just a little fresh air and a good cup of coffee.

I’m always in a good mood when I take the images, and quite often skip straight back to the office to spend a little time in the “digital” dark room to add a little mood to the images.

I’m not a technically trained photographer, but do feel I have an eye for good urban composition, and make no apologies for tweaking nearly all my photos on my mac before uploading.

Please feel free to comment on my cool images of Manchester and if you would like to use any, please drop me an email.